Capital2Market Empowering the New IPOs: Victor MacLaughlin

As an entrepreneur, I believe it is a tragedy that the number of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or companies selling their shares publicly has reduced significantly since 2000. From 1980-2000, an average of 311 companies went public per year. Since the technology bubble burst in 2000, the average number of […]

Capital Raising Has left the Ground Game and Moved to the Forward Pass

After years of limitations, we have finally entered a golden age of raising capital! The initial way to raise capital was to reach out to everyone you knew personally, in hopes that your “friends and family,” and perhaps professional contacts, would see potential in your emerging business—we like to call […]

The Evolution of the Cap Raise

Coming soon.

Why Mini-IPOs Will Be Successful

Underwriters continue to smirk at the revolution in raising private capital, but now many are taking notice. Why? As deal marketers, we have helped issuers complete successful raises, implementing the JOBS Act for private placements. With the new regulations, they actually aren’t so private anymore, but they are still elite, […]